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Sorry (videogame)
Developer(s): Third-I Productions
Mondo Media
Publisher(s): Hasbro Interactive
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release date(s): February 28, 1998
Mode(s): Multiplayer

Sorry! is a video game based on the board game Sorry! It offers classic Sorry and also a mode called Way Sorry, where new cards are introduced, such as Bully, Buddy, Punish, and Happy. The pawns can even talk, joke, and make amusing remarks during gameplay that relate with the colors' personalities. There are cutscenes as well, which show what happens afterward when a specific color wins. Rules are identical to normal play; however there are some options for "house rules", such as being allowed to bump teammates. Both the Classic (playing cards drawn) and Strategy (playing cards from hand) games are available.

In addition to normal play, the game provides an extra deck of cards called Way Sorry! Along with the standard cards, it includes the following:

Happy Makes one pawn immune to being moved or attacked for one turn, much like stepping in the Safety Zone. This can cause enemy pawns to be obstructed or simply not allow them to make the best move. It also prevents pawns from sliding, if the invincible pawn is on a slide. Pawns are not eligible for this card if they are in Start or the Safety Zone. This card also allows the player to draw again.
Punish Prevents one opponent's pawn from moving for one turn. This does not protect it from being moved or attacked. Cannot be used against a pawn in Start or the Safety Zone; but if the pawn is sent back to Start before its turn comes around, it remains punished. This card allows another draw.
Buddy Moves any pawn on the outside track to the space beside the nearest pawn in either direction.
Bully Moves any pawn on the outside track to the nearest pawn in either direction and bumps it.
Way Sorry! Identical to the Sorry! card. However, with the Way Sorry! card, the player must continue bumping pawns until either the board is cleared of opponents or the player's Start is empty.


The game also allows up to four players to play at the same time moving in turns.

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