Me Cartoon

SMB Madman is a fellow YouTube video creator who also makes games on Yoyogames and comics on Deviantart.

His main series include:

Mario Shorts (Fanmade)

Dr. Otto's Epic Advenchures

Dr. Otto (Made with Flipnote Studio)


His own Let's Play series

Business Probs

The Greeny Phatom Show (see below)

Recently, on October 4th, 2012, SMB Madman obtained the rights for the Gree City series, as well as Lucas Guy, Finley Small, Greeny Phatom, Geo's World, etc (along with their original creators, too) by copyrighting them all via a deviantart journal topic. He later stated in an interview that "I will put all these characters together into one show".

Simply titled "The Greeny Phatom Show", he plans on making it an animated sitcom series for YouTube. It will l contain all-new personalities for the characters. Confirmed personalities include Lucas Guy being an alcoholic (and is Little Guy's roomate), and Gree Guy is suicidal (a humorous reference to everyone's hatred for him). Mr. Shaw is a stand-up magician/comedian. Little Guy is the average human-like character, who tries to maintain a steady reputation with everyone.

According to the promotional picture SMB Madman created, the show will have its first episodes worked on as soon as he finishes making his own game, Missleman Spy Strike 2.