Gree City character
Gree guy
Gender: Male
Creation: May 1 1977
First Appearance: Gree Guy's Nightmares
Age: 14
Episode count: All except "The Cure of Santed Sailor"
Friends and Relatives: Elmo and Zombie (Friends)
Carrie Underwood
Gree Girl
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Voice: Gree G.

Gargamel Gragmel "Gree Guy" Eerkar Gunapow is the main protagonist in Gree City, He is voiced by Gree G.

Gree Guy's Autobiography

"I was born somewhere in Norway, I think Oslo, I had a bad life in Norway. When I was 3, I had to do some research on evil science, so I can be the most evil person in the world, and I can take over the world. When I was 1, my parents treated me like garbage. It's not fair! My parents suck eggs. Anyway, when I was 5 years old, I went on a permanent vacation to Geo City, and this place was as horrible as hell. In 1985, I got this old messed-up NES game console that does absolutely nothing but to summon the static screen on my parents' old TV. So, I decided to break the TV and the console, and then I took them to the basement where I made many machines that can do absolutely anything evil. While I was growing up in Norway, when I misbehave and got into trouble, my parents would always ground me for stupid reasons. So, I ran away from home and took a flight to America. Then, I came over to this empty land in California, where I turned this into my very own city called Gree City. But then, trouble came to my life on Earth, people are complaining about the design of the city and how it was built. So, they kicked me out of Earth and forced me to move to another planet. That's when hope came to me, for I have found a new planet that I would call "home". That planet is Planet Gree. There, I made a new replica of Gree City, but this time with futuristic Greeian buildings. The Greeian alien people saw me building this city and they love it. Later, I decided to become the king of 123 Gree City and the conquerer of Planet Gree. So that's what I am today, and sooner or later, I will get rid of that stupid Little Guy and his friends, destroy everything people from Earth have developed, and take over the GreenyToons universe and the Milky Way galaxy once and for all."
—Gree Guy

When Gree Guy met Homestar Runner

Gree Guy met Homestar in 1982 while getting ready for the Olympic Games, so that they can copy Mario and Sonic. SEE?! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN!!!! THESE PEOPLE DONT LISTEN!!!!Gree Guy knew Homestar before in 2002. At this time he also watched The 2002-2007 Club Super 3 because it was colorful. In fact he watched Homestar Runner AND Club Super 3, on his computer, but at this time, their was no YouTube, so Geo Guy had some VHSes of the great time. If you have any video of Club Super 3 2002, upload it now because greecity2011 wants the vids so Good



  • He isn't a US citizen. He is from Israel
  • He can also speak Muslim
  • He loved girls since he was 3.
  • Gree Guy is an arch nemesis to Geo Guy.
  • Millard Befriends With Gree Guy In the Gree City Studios.
  • Gree Guy makes a cameo appearance in "Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace", one where he struggles to find a parking space, and another where Dr. PBS running like sonic and Dr. PBS bumps into a metallic bin near his and he remarks, "Smooth moves, Wild Boy".
  • Gree Guy made it as a cameo in Geo's world - Reading CLG signs, and he appeared behind the PlayStation sign, which stressed Lucas GUY out.
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